Size      Monthly Rate
8x10      $63
7x21      $79
7x24      $84
10x21    $89
10x24    $105


1393 200th Ave

New Richmond, WI


​           (612)325-2266

We offer a variety of unit sizes at affordable rates!
8X10  -  7x21  -  7X24  -  10X21  -  10X24
Short Term - Long Term

New Richmond Storage

  • Quality Morton Construction 

  • Well Lit Paved Access 

  •  Family Owned

  • Secure 

  •  Fast, Friendly Service

  •  Economical

We specialize in leasing a variety of storage sizes which meet most tenant needs. And, we make it easy! There is no security deposit or application fee. There is a one-time $10 non-refundable lock fee.

Assistance in selecting the correct size storage unit

For the protection of our customers, White Pine Inc. conducts a criminal background check on all new customers. Please provide your birthdate and photo identification at time lease is signed. White Pine Inc. may decline your application to lease a storage unit if you have a criminal history including pending criminal court action. Judgements, both active and pending, may also be cause for denial of your request to lease space. 


Please Read your contract!

Rent is prorated the first month based upon the number of days remaining in the first month.

Rent is not prorated during the final month. Please give notice and move out by the last day of the month in order to avoid charges for a new month. All contracts are on a month to month basis.

A late fee will be assessed if rent is not paid by the 5th of the month. Enroll in our "Premier Club" to make payment automatic and easy.

Storage units are for the storage of personal property owned by the tenant. The rental space shall not be used for residential or operation of a business.

Customer agrees not to store any hazardous materials, illegal goods, or explosives (including fireworks and propane tanks) on site.

White Pine Inc. assumes no liability for your property. Ask about our optional insurance coverage or check with your homeowner or rental policy agent to verify coverage.

Tenant is not allowed to use landlord's electricity for any purpose without advance written permission.

Your contract includes complete terms - please let us know if you have any questions after reading it.